How Listing Agents Sell Homes (And Why You Don't Need Them)

It's been a practice for years, you go with a listing agent to sell your home.


Well... not anymore.

How Listing Agents Sell Your Home

The #1 way listing agents sell homes is by utilizing the power of the MLS (multiple listing service).

Why does everyone use the MLS?

Because it sells homes faster than any other method. It's so effective in fact, that many agents consider it a “home sale disaster” to not use it.

Of the 5.65 million homes sold in 2020, over 92% were sold through the MLS.

What is the MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a networked directory of properties available for sale and is accessible ONLY by licensed realtors.

The MLS is effective because it puts sellers' home listings in front of buyer agents representing serious, highly qualified buyers. Think of it like a powerful, exclusive, and efficient platform where homes sell the quickest.

Listings on the MLS are also uploaded to 3rd party sites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and 100's more where millions of buyers are searching for their next home.

Essentially, being on the MLS takes your home sale to the next level.

How Can I Access the MLS without a License?

Remember how I said only licensed realtors can access the MLS?

That doesn't mean you personally have to be a licensed realtor.

You just need to find a realtor to list on the MLS on your behalf.

That's where Flat Fee Brokers come in.

What do Flat Fee MLS Brokers Do?

Flat Fee Brokers are fully licensed real estate companies that provide you the ability to list on the MLS for a one-time flat fee, instead of paying a listing agent a 3% commission.

A 3% commission may not sound like a big amount of savings at first, but when you see the math below, your savings equate to REAL MONEY.

Are you interested in using a Flat Fee MLS Service?

We offer world-class competitive packages that will have your listing live on the MLS within 24 hours.

Starting from $199.99

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