How to: Use a Flat Fee MLS Service

Getting started with a Flat Fee MLS Service can feel like a daunting task, but if you understand the process you can be confident in yourself that things will go smoothly.

In this article, we’re going to break the process of using a Flat Fee MLS Service down into 5 simple steps using our website List With The Otter.

*We recommend using a computer or tablet during this process*

Step 1: Pick a Package

Picking a package is the first and easiest step - List With The Otter offers 3 different types of residential listing packages for you to choose from.

Our packages include:

  • Single Family Package

  • Multi-Family Package

  • Vacant Land Package

You should choose a ‘Single Family’ package if:

  • Your home is built on a single lot with no shared walls

  • Your home is set up to accommodate one family, not multiple

  • Your property is not a condo, townhome, or apartment complex.

You should choose a ‘Multi-Family’ package if:

  • Your property has more than one housing unit

  • Your property is a condo, townhome, apartment complex, or a duplex/triplex where you own all units.

You should choose a ‘Vacant Land’ package if:

  • Your property has no buildings on it

Packages also include different listing durations, either 6 or 12 months.

We recommend 6 months for most sellers, it’s less expensive, and you’re very likely to sell your home within that time frame.

Step 2: Fill out MLS Docs

After you submit your photos and necessary info, you will receive the necessary documents to complete the listing to your email within the day.

The Documents you will receive include:
  • Listing Agreement (to list on your behalf)

  • Mandatory Disclosures

  • State Listing Documents

These documents are required to list your property on the MLS. Although they may look a bit scary at first glance, take it step-by-step and you’ll see that they’re not so bad.

If you run into any issues, don’t forget you can call us and we’ll help you out with any questions you may have.

Step 3: Upload Photos

Once you’ve chosen and purchased the right package for you, the next step is to upload the photos of your property.

Head over to the “Upload Portal” on our site and select “Upload Photos” in the navigation bar.

From there, you’ll see a form similar to this:

Fill out all necessary info and upload your photos.

It’s important to note that the MLS only accepts images in JPG (JPEG) format, other media formats like PNG, GIF, PDFs will be rejected by the MLS.

To convert your photos into JPG (JPEG) format, you can use a free service like To use it, simply drag and drop your images onto the page and convert it to JPG (JPEG) format. (If you can’t figure it out, we also offer image conversion services here)

Note: Images should be named numerically in the order you wish to display them.

So, an image named “1” will be shown first, an image named “2” will be shown second, and so forth.

You can rename files on any computer by right-clicking on the file you wish to rename, and selecting the “Rename” option.

Step 4: Your Listing Goes Live in 24 Hours

After document completion and receipt of your photos, your listing will go live on the MLS within 24 hours. (woohoo!)

Listings on the MLS are also uploaded onto 3rd party marketing sites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and 100s of others, where millions of buyers look for homes to purchase.

Once your listing is live, you should begin to receive calls from serious, qualified buyers looking to purchase your home.

Step 5: Update Listing When Your Home Sells

When the status of your home sale changes, be sure to visit our site and click:

"Upload Portal"->"Update Listing"

You need to update your listing with the following statuses depending on where your sale is in the process:

Change Status to Pending When:

You have a fully signed and accepted Purchase Agreement for your home.

Change Status to Closed When:

You complete the sale (typically at a title company) and you have received your money.


The process for listing on the MLS with a flat fee service is simple, fast, and easy - especially when you use List With The Otter.

We’ve proudly helped over 12,000+ people save an average of $9,795 each on their home sale, and we can help you too.

Are you interested in using a Flat Fee MLS Service?

We offer world-class competitive packages that will have your listing live on the MLS within 24 hours.

Starting from $199.99

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