Pros and Cons of Flat Fee MLS Listing

If you’re thinking of using a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service, you can stand to save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on your home sale.

However, Flat Fee MLS Listing Services are not for everybody.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service so you can determine if using a Flat Fee Broker is the right fit for you.

Pro: You Save $1,000s by not paying a 3% Listing Commission

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a Flat Fee MLS Service is that you do not owe a listing agent a 3% commission upon closing the sale.

A 3% commission may not sound like much, but when you do the math, it adds up very quickly.

For example:

If your home value is $300,000, a 3% commission could equal $9,000!

If you’re willing to put in a little bit more legwork, the savings you stand to gain with a Flat Fee MLS service could be massive.

Pro: Listing Uploads to MLS and 3rd Party Sites

The MLS is a home-selling powerhouse, it is estimated that 92% of all homes sold are listed through the MLS.

There is nothing else that gets your home listings in front of qualified, serious buyers quite as effectively as the MLS.

Listings on the MLS are also uploaded to popular 3rd party marketing sites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, and 100s more where 1,000s of buyers are looking for homes.

Getting your home listed as a Limited Service, MLS Listing is the #1 move you can make to sell your home quickly and without paying a listing commission.

Pro: You Maintain Control Over the Sale

When you work with an agent, there are many things out of your control.

Essential aspects like showings, negotiations, and property pricing are all up to the agent’s discretion.

However, when you use a Flat Fee MLS Service, you do not forfeit control over any aspect of the sale. This enables you to dedicate your full focus to your home sale, which is something an agent with multiple other clients simply can’t do.

Ultimately, having control over the process leads to:

  • More money in your pocket

  • A faster sale

  • Improved efficiency of your time

Pro: Faster Process

If there’s one thing listing agents love, it’s their long, boring Listing meetings.

You know what I’m talking about; the long listing pitch meetings that drag on late into the night. Those meetings where you’d really just rather be relaxing at home with your family enjoying a nice dinner… or doing anything else.

However, when you list with a Flat Fee MLS Service, it only takes about an hour of your time, and within 24 hours get your listing live. Once your listing is live on the MLS, things get rolling fast and many of our clients sell their homes within 1-2 weeks.

If speed is an important factor in your home sale, using a Flat Fee MLS Service is for you.

Pro: 100% Online

Scribbling in, packing, and mailing documents the old fashioned way is a time-consuming and laborious process.

Most Flat Fee MLS Companies offer fully digital documents you can fill out quickly from the comfort of your own home, saving you the headache of meeting with an agent to complete the documents.

If you're selling your home soon, why not get the most out of it and handle the process in your home?

Con: More responsibility

Although many consider this an advantage, when you cut out a listing agent you may have to take on some of their responsibilities.

Your responsibilities could include:

  • Determining your Home’s Market Value

  • Handling Offers/Negotiations

  • Setting up Showings

Of course, with more work comes more savings, but if you’re not interested in saving $1,000s and want someone else to take the reins, a listing agent might be right for you.

Con: To be on the MLS You will Need to Offer a Buyer’s Agent a Commission

It’s important to know that regardless of whether or not you use a Flat Fee MLS Service, you will still offer a buyer's agent a commission upon closing.

Similar to Listing Agents, Buyer’s Agents’ commissions typically range from 1-3% you as the seller decide what to offer. Remember this is an offer and is negotiable as part of a contract.

However, if a buyer chooses not to use an agent, and many do, absolutely 0% closing commission would be due to any agents at closing.

In conclusion, using a Flat Fee MLS Service is the right choice for you if:

  • You want to save $1,000s on your home sale

  • You want to sell your home fast

  • You don’t mind putting in a little bit more legwork

However, a Flat Fee MLS Service might not be right for you if:

  • You want to pay an agent commission.

  • You don’t mind not having control over the sale

  • You aren’t willing to put in the extra effort

Are you interested in using a Flat Fee MLS Service?

We offer world-class competitive packages that will have your listing live on the MLS within 24 hours.

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